Our purpose

The purpose of the Institute is to extend and deepen the fund of Islamic Education and pass the benefits on to others, and to be able to provide the utmost stand of Islamic Education to students in a climate that fosters academic excellence, where each individual student is valued and departs the establishment with a character that is atoned with that of a Muslim.

Our vision

To be a recognized institute for producing preachers who take a different approach in promoting Islamic values, are aware of the needs of society and have sufficient Islamic skill-set in Islamic knowledge to provide for the communities appropriate services.

Our mission

We will achieve our growth through partnership (regional and international) and develop our comprehensive Islamic education footprint. We will achieve this vision by building strong and prosperous relationship with partners that we feel will enhance our Institute in a positive manner.

We will focus on the Arabic language to provide the key to Islamic knowledge for the students and we will endorse the proper understanding of religious source in avoiding following human whims and desires often leading to extremism intolerance and religious violence.